"The deepest desire of our hearts is for union with God. God created us for union with himself: This is the original purpose of our lives." Brennan Manning in Above All
Here are some of our favorite links. Check them out when you get chance.
Wrestling Videos and Promotional Material - This site allows you to watch some of Slay's Olympic Matches, print out Slay posters, and view other promotional material.
God's Daily Word - Daily Devotionals that are sent to your e-mail Mon-Fri. They are a GREAT way to start your day! I have been reading these since 1998, and God has truly used these words to bring me closer to Him.
Studies / Lessons - Check back here often for lessons Brandon has taught or been taught!
Bill Mulholland - Bill is one of my closest friends who has done so much for me over the last 5 years. If you ever need any help with anything that has to do with computers. He is a master and will get you hooked up.
Brandon Slay Videos - These two videos (Offense and Defense) are a great education for wrestlers, coaches, and parents of all ages.
Denton Bible Church - Tom Nelson has been sharing God's Love at Denton Bible for almost 30 years. He is one of the best! I encourage you to click on the Media Ministry, pick a sermon that interests you, and allow God to do His thing.
Deluge Studios - The Team at Deluge did a fabulous job creating these new web sites. If you are ever in need of web design, I encourage you to choose Deluge as an option.
Rebecca St. James - Our Nation needs role models who live what they say. Rebecca genuinely loves The Savior and is a powerful influence to youth all around the World. Her music, passion, and witness should be an inspiration to us all.
Third Day - is an amazing Christian Rock Band. I enourage you to get one of their CD's or check them out in concert if they are going to be in your area
WIN Magazine - is the best wrestling magazine on the market. I encourage you to get a subscription as soon as possible.
The Mat.com - is the best source for wrestling information on the web. I enourage you to keep up with wrestlers on the High School, College, and Olympic level. Take advantage of all the wrestling technique available by clicking on the National Coaches Education Program towards the bottom.
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